EPC Belfast: “What Do The Energy Performance Certificates Show And Do You Really Need Them”

The Energy Performance Certificate used to be a 7-page pdf document containing the energy efficiency report of your building. However, as of September 2020, the EPC is a web page that is publicly available. It shows again the Energy Rating of a property from a scale of 0 to 100 and a list of potential improvements. The Energy Performance Certificates are produced by qualified Energy Assessors.

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Who’s responsibility is the EPC?

According to the UK government website, it is either your or your estate agent’s responsibility to get an EPC before selling or renting the property. You can get a copy of this certificate from the accredited energy assessors. Moreover, they’ll lodge the EPC onto the Northern Ireland EPC Register, so you can get a copy of it whenever you want using your address or the 20 digit code present on the certificate. This certificate shows your property’s energy performance, how much energy it’ll cost, and how you can improve it. This certificate shows a rating from A-G, where A means very efficient, and G is meant for being in-efficient.

Even if it is a sale by owner, the EPC is still required.

Who enforces the requirement for EPCs?

Energy Performance Certificates became a legal requirement in Northern Ireland in 2008. District Councils enforce the requirement for EPCs. They can ask for it up to 6 months from the time you should have displayed one. More often, you have to provide them with a copy of the EPC within seven days after they’ve requested one. And if your property owner or the builder doesn’t provide you with an EPC, you must contact enforcement authorities (District Council) to help you in that regard.

If you fail to provide an EPC, there are various penalties that you can face. The penalty charge depends upon the complexity of the issue, and it varies from a minimum of 500 pounds to a maximum of 5,000 pounds. To avoid the penalty charges or any kind of delay in your building’s sale or rent, you must provide the district council or the enforcement authority with an EPC. 

How do I get an EPC?

It is your builder’s responsibility to provide you with an EPC for your newly built building. You can also get an EPC yourself or with the help of your estate agent. It is your legal responsibility to get an EPC for your property. So, if you are selling or renting your property through an estate agent, they’ll get you an EPC for the property.  

Either way, you can commission it through an accredited energy assessor. In that case, you have to make sure that the energy assessor is accredited by Northern Ireland Energy Performance Certificate Register. To get a price for an EPC visit check EPC Belfast.

These energy assessors can be self-employed, or they can be employees of relevant energy companies. An energy assessor will produce an EPC along with the recommendation report based on the design and other information regarding your property. This necessary information includes:

  • How and when your property was built
  • The type of property
  • Number of floors
  • Amount of the area underuse
  • Dimensions
  • Fuel and heating systems

After that, they enter this information into the government-approved software program to produce an EPC along with the recommendation report.  This Energy Performance Certificate is then stored in the Northern Ireland Register, and you get a copy of it.