Eco-friendly Home

Eco-friendly homes use materials from renewable sources such as plantations and recycling sources that provide friendly homes that are well designed and sustainable with very little impact on the environment. With technological advances, all time increases in things like building materials, processes and designs will only increase.

Long gone are the days when an environmentally friendly home was covered in contraptions and surrounded by acres of woodland and gardens. Today’s environmentally friendly homes are well constructed and designed, literal works of art.

Besides well designed and sustainable environmentally friendly homes, homes are becoming more functional with many opting to adopt clean and green energy generating initiatives such as wind and solar panels.

With advances in technology for both solar and wind it is now easy to assimilate this technology into your architecturally designed home.

Wind turbines can not only be small and stylish but can also be extremely functional at producing more then enough energy to run major appliances.

Solar Power has been used for a while now but even they have been affected by progress.

Today you can have solar panels that are more technologically advanced then ever before. Some Solar panels even work on cloudy days and adverse weather when we would naturally think they wouldn’t.

Whats even better is that now, that very same technology, that has revolutionized the energy generating industry but is now more accessible.

No longer is this technology reserved only for the more affluent sector of society but is now available to the masses. For very little cost you can not only access this information but you can also access the very materials needed to build your own high quality efficient solar panels. With a little craftsmanship you will have modern clean energy generating panels that you constructed, easily and for a fraction of the retail cost.

With the Solar Guide, you will learn how to find suitable materials, calculate your energy needs, and produce high-quality energy-efficient solar panels. With only a limited time series of videos you will not only be notified of materials, schemes and safety precautions needed to successfully make & install your own solar panels but also be educated about the benefits of using this available renewable energy source, solar power.